1. Hello David, in a few words, can you remind us what your role is at Tapat?

I am the Technical Director of Tapat. In other words, I make all the technical decisions on the projects that the companies entrust to us; and I also do web development/programming.


2. How did you get to this digital communication agency?

Having already worked with Linda (our general manager and art director) on other projects, she decided to trust me and integrate me in her company.


3. During your career, have you had the opportunity to work for a larger agency?

Yes, personally I didn’t find that working in a larger agency was better. However, it was a very enriching experience in a short period of time.


4. How would you describe the atmosphere in a small creative agency like Tapat?

The best, at least from my point of view. The small team allows us to be easily aware of what others are doing, which is super important to work well together and also allows a super good cohesion in the team. Hand in hand, we design and develop beautiful projects without unnecessary pressure.


5. What do you think were the biggest differences between the two dimensions?

Listening and sharing within a small team is more rewarding as often one person is in charge of an entire department (web development, business development, design); we are more often placed in situations where we need to help someone who doesn’t do the same job. This, from my point of view, is a great way to continuously be discovering new fields.

With my way of working, I like to feel close to the client. It helps me to produce what the client truly wants. This is easier in a small company as there are fewer intermediates.


6. How would you describe the advantage of being a small agency for the client?

The proximity with our team. This makes the relationship between us and the client easier.