In a world that evolves every day where consumers are constantly confronted with different brands, it is essential to be up to date with the latest trends, and why not be part of them?

Therefore, we have made a compilation of the six most important branding trends in 2021. 





Generally speaking, consumers associate your brand with its core colors. With the year we’ve had, consumers are looking for a good mood and cheerfulness. Since the psychology of colors provokes real emotions, it is undeniable that brands are daring to review their color palette with expressive colors! This technique allows us to give meaning to each product and to express its values. 


Moreover, it is proven that generation Z (under 25) is looking for confident brands, which can be conveyed by bright colors and unfiltered photos. 

This is the case for the brand Konbini that uses expressive colors in its logo and videos. 


konbini - branding 2021




In terms of illustration, 3 trends will be at the center of branding in 2021. 


First, we can note geometric patterns as an extension of a brand. Indeed, some brands in 2021 tend to use stimulating and distracting geometric shapes to create a mesmerizing look. 


Second, we have seen a trend of imperfection. Indeed, consumers (mainly the young and quirky) are increasingly fond of asymmetries, squiggles and imperfect features. While not suitable for all types of audiences, this trend will allow you to venture into uncharted territory and be remarkable. 



The third and last trend is plants and nature. Indeed, between the confinements and the environmental cause, consumers need freshness and greenery. Therefore, plant illustrations allow consumers a form of escapism via the brands that use them. 

This is the case for the brand PENROSE WILD that offers its new range of limited edition wild beer.





In a time where things aren’t all rosy, consumers expect brands to take their social, environmental and economic responsibilities seriously. Indeed, it is very important in 2021 that brands’ values and convictions are reflected in their branding. And this way customers can know who they really are. 


For example, Burger King has taken a stand regarding the closure of their restaurants in relation to Covid-19 by supporting local farmers and by buying 200 tons of potatoes from them and redistributing them through the drive-thru (in limited quantities). They also allowed local restaurant owners to post on their instagram accounts so that they could benefit from Burger King’s notoriety in advertising. 



In the same way, brands in 2021 are no longer afraid to tackle “taboos” and talk openly about women’s sexual health and fertility for example. 

Therefore, honesty and scientific integrity are values at the heart of branding in 2021, and Pantone has proven it well with its new color related to menstruation: 




This year even more than before, consumers want to see people, identify with others, and interact. What better way to meet this need than to associate a face with your brand? In 2021, graphic designers have understood that faces are a good way to humanize a brand. And to do so, they mostly use a representation of a real person through a character. This way, you are in control of the result, you can use the style you like, and consumers can identify with it. 


For example, I bet 80% of the people reading this will know who this fictional brand character refers to… 


… Of course, it is Starbucks! And if you want to know more about the creation of this logo, feel free to click on the picture 



Beyond your logo, your website and your packaging, your brand image also includes the experience that revolves around it. It is therefore essential that this experience is tailor-made. 

On the one hand, the in-store experience must be memorable so that the consumer will want to come back. On the other hand, with the rise of digital and therefore online shopping, the unpacking experience is essential. That’s why the unpacking process has to create a unique experience for the buyer that captures their attention.


This is the case, for example, of the Biotika company (candle company) that offers very minimalist but endearing packaging. 


As you can see, 2021 will be a year full of new trends in terms of branding. However, where many trends are emerging, others are disappearing. This is the case for example with pastel colors, linear fonts or ultra luxury. But you can definitely opt for expressive colors, authenticity or face identification. 

Do you need to revamp your branding this year and want to discuss one of these trends? Contact us to talk about it.